Setor Acolatse

MSc, FdSc, PGc, HCPC

Setor Acolatse is a Health and Care Professions Council-registered Clinical Audiologist who specialises in aural rehabilitation and aural microsuction.

Setor’s first degree was a Bachelor’s in Audio Production and her love for music developed into a fascination with the ways in which sound affects our ears and hearing – and the impact it has on our quality of life when hearing health is affected. Her extensive and impressive qualifications to date include a Postgraduate Certificate from Manchester, a Foundation Degree from De Montfort and more recently a Master’s in Advanced Audiology from UCL.

Setor worked at Specsavers for six years as Clinical Lead Dispenser. Setor very much shares Hearology's vision that audiological services and ear health education should be tailored and accessible to everyone.

Setor also speaks Twi and Ewe (Ghanaian).