Hear all the music, all the time.

With none of the damage.

Dedicated musicians willingly put their hearing on the line every day so as to retain that intimate proximity with their musical instrument, and to ensure they retain their feel for all the music around them. To play with confidence, and to stay in tune. But, in doing so, they often sacrifice the most important instrument of all – the human ear, the instrument of hearing itself.

At Hearology we find it unacceptable that musicians have to make this choice, and now we work with professional musician, Will Harvey, to prevent it. Will’s experience in the world of rock and classical music has led him to this search for the best hearing protection solution, and also to his attempts to drive forward the (until now) slow-moving, hearing protection industry.

We have developed an approach to professional hearing protection for musicians that includes...

Musicians Approach
Musicians ApproachMusicians Approach

...Taking a precise measurement of the resting geometry of your ear canal using one of our revolutionary, 3D ear scanners so as to create a mould that fits your ear, and your ear alone, perfectly.

Hearology has a comprehensive range of the highest quality noise filters and we will choose this filter with you so that you get exactly the level of protection that you need need – no more, and no less – depending on which instrument you play, how much you practice, and where you sit or stand in relation to the other musicians you play with.

All Hearology’s noise filters are CE-Certified and provide flat attenuation, which means that sound levels are reduced evenly across the entire sound spectrum, so you can hear all the music, all the time, with none of the damage.

Hearology's Senior Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist, Vincent Howard, performs a 3D ear scan on professional musician Will Harvey, at Hearlogy's London Bridge clinic.

Hearology provides heaing protection for the Parallax Orchestra, seen here supporting Bring Me The Horizon at their April, 2016, Royal Albert Hall concert for Teenage Cancer Trust.

What the Parallax Orchestra is saying about us...
These ear plugs are great! This week I'm sat wedged between the brass and the percussion in this tiny pit and I can still hear myself playing. Also took them to XOYO on my birthday and had no tinnitus the next day...
Jess Ryan, Double Bass
Excellent product! The earplugs gave me just the right protection I needed during rehearsals and the concert without preventing me from listening to all the music details. I'd highly recommed them!
Elena Abad, violin
Hearology's earplugs were the best I've used so far! There were different models for specific instruments providing very good quality protection!
Molly Lopresti, percussion
The earplugs provided by Hearology completely made the evening possible- we were able to hear our own instruments clearly and still be able to play as an orchestra thanks to the instrument-specific filters. I've used the hearing protection a lot since the performance at the Royal Albert Hall too; at loud gigs and even in noisy bars. I also live with an opera singer so they have come in very handy round the house too! Thankyou Hearology for protecting our hearing - it's the most important aspect of our lives as musicians.
Maddie Cutter, cello and Parallax Orchestra co-founder

Hearology's Senior Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist, Vincent Howard, performs a 3D ear scan on professional musician Will Harvey, at Hearlogy's London Bridge clinic.