Personalize your enjoyment

of your favorite music

We all have our own, individual taste in music, and our ears all have their own way of listening to it. Even your own two ears are not the same – for sure, they will be different sizes, and the ear canals inside them often have very different shapes and diameters.

Hearology’s customised earphones allow you to point the sound of the music at your eardrums giving you maximum clarity at minimum volume – so that you can hear all the music, with none of the damage.

Using our revolutionary 3D scanners, we create an image that perfectly replicates the resting geometry of your ear, which is then 3D printed to produce a lightweight, long lasting device, that will absolutely not fall out of your ear if worn whilst exercising.

This is Michael Malarkey, musician, singer and actor, having a 3D scan for his customised earphones taken by Vincent Howard in Hearology’s London Bridge clinic.

The fit of our customised devices to your ear canal and concha is so perfect, that a seal is created that effectively provides external noise cancellation naturally, with no need for batteries.

We can either provide high quality earphones to go into your custom-fit, 3D-printed ear moulds, or we can use your existing pair, to give you personalized musical enjoyment at the best possible value.

If you buy your earphones from us, we will tune them to ensure that they work with the hearing strength of your individual ears – which is a factor of how much hearing damage you have, how hairy your ears are, and how narrow your ear canals.

We also offer hearing protection for festival and concert goers – see our Musicians page.