Total hearing protection for

employers and workers.

Hearology is the only company to offer Total Hearing Protection in noisy


We use a combination of 3D scanning and printing, lifestyle assessment, education, noise filters, compliance measures, follow up, multiple simultaneous hearing testing, and the on-site recreation of a soundproofed, audiology clinic environment, to:

  • Protect employees from harmful noise
  • Protect employees from Noise Induced Hearing Loss compensation claims
  • Save money
  • Increase productivity
  • Protect the environment.

We will come on site in the Hearology mobile audiology unit, with its educational area and six-berth, soundproofed hearing test room, where we will take 3D ear scans, to be 3D printed for fitting a week later.

Hearology’s end-to-end process guarantees that, as an employer, you are fully compliant with the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations Act of 2005, and totally protected from the various loopholes that lawyers can exploit to achieve mass compensation pay outs from companies for noise induced hearing loss.

The filters in our hearing protection favour human vocal frequencies, whilst keeping out the harmful sounds of industrial machinery, construction equipment and heavy plant. This results in a simultaneous increase in workforce productivity and safety – no longer do workers in noisy environments have to risk their hearing every time they want to communicate properly by removing their ear plugs or defenders to hear what is being said.

Although our industrial hearing protection is more costly per unit than foam ear plugs and ear defenders, its use soon pays back compared to disposable plugs and easily mislaid defenders.

In fact, foam plugs and ear defenders are unlikely to provide adequate protection to staff in the first place, because the foam plugs often do not fit well, fall out and get dirty; whilst ear defenders are easily mislaid, uncomfortable to wear – especially in summer, and can ‘over protect’, blocking the wearers’ hearing entirely and leaving them (with potentially dangerous consequences) isolated in their own, little, sensory-deprived world.