Hearing Tests at Hearology’s London

Bridge Clinic

At Hearology we take an holistic approach to hearing tests – so much so that we do not even call them that, we prefer the term Audiological Evaluation.

There are so many possible causes of hearing loss, and our aim is to locate the precise reason and provide the most practical solution, which may or may not involve hearing aids, hearing protection, tinnitus counselling, ear wax removal or some other product or service that we provide ourselves. Our connections in the ENT world with Audiovestibular specialists, Medicine Consultants, private GPs and psychologists mean that we will always be able to provide you with a satisfactory resolution, even if we cannot solve the issue ourselves.

Our range of state-of- the-art equipment, including ENT surgical microscopes, a soundproofed booth and high frequency headphones, enable us to investigate at every point along the auditory pathway.

We follow the sound wave as it enters your ear, passes through the ear canal and ear drum and into your middle ear along its way to your brain, testing at every key point in the process.

We are one of the few hearing centres that carry out an an Ototacoustic emissions test, which enables us to measure cochlear hair cell function – this is the part of the inner ear that turns a sound wave into an electrical impulse that your bran can ‘hear’, and is a truly objective form of hearing function assessment that can be especially useful for younger and older patients, and even for cases of neonatal hearing assessment.