By Vincent Howard | Date: Thu Oct 06 2016

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To mark the launch of Hearology, we took on a number of events over the summer, including the Health Plus Care conference in London (the UK’s largest healthcare event), the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, the End of the Road music festival, Trinity Laban Conservatoire Freshers’ Fair and the YENA Showcase 2016. Our range of interests is reflected here – hearing conservation for musicians and music lovers, quality of life improvement for those with hearing loss, providing music listeners with all the music but none of the damage, improving self-awareness through the use of the latest biometric technology, and generally having as much fun as we can in bringing these miraculous and neglected cartilage appendages on the sides of our head to the full attention of anyone that we meet!

We have, in short, been overwhelmed with the response!

Here’s what we learnt:

  • The silent affliction - It has been alarming to meet so many people with pre-existing concerns about their ears who have not been actively seeking a solution despite knowing the risks. We knew this was the case, in fact it’s one of the main reasons that Hearology was created, but it saddens us every time we experience the extent of the neglect to our ears! If we treated our teeth like that, we’d all have a mouthful of decay!

  • Trigger happy hearing tests – We need to make hearing tests more accurate. So we won’t rely any more on your response to beeps, but instead measure the hair cell response to sound, which provides a completely objective measurement of the frequencies at which your ears are underperforming.

  • Every ear has a history – What your ears have been subjected to in the past, and what they are likely to be subjected to in the future, both due to the environments we live in and the activities we choose to partake in, play a very important role in deciding how best to care for your ears. Your lifestyle is as important a factor for our team when they are deciding what is best to protect your hearing, or to enhance it.

  • Sexy scanners – Those of you who have received one of our 3D scans will attest to the ease and accuracy with which it is now possible to measure the internal geometry of your ear to produce perfect-fit hearing products. Whether you are a swimmer or a musician or work in a noisy environment, these products ensure full protection. And yes, we think that the whole light scanning process is the one of the sexiest things to happen to ears since they were designated erogenous zones ;-)

  • Pathway to the brain – If you want to monitor biometric activity, the most accurate location is the ear – which is why body temperature readings are made there. The Aware customised hearable from United Sciences, only available from Hearology in the UK, takes the accuracy of the measurement of your heart rate and distance travelled to a new level, and also monitors brain waves for the purposes of stress management. And it’s a brilliant music player! If you want to focus on your own health and well-being as never before, look no further:

  • De-mystifying Hearing Aids – A lot of you have asked us about hearing aids, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of confusion. Why are they so expensive? Well, they don’t have to be, not if you come to us, firstly because we don’t want you to buy them at all! We’d rather protect your hearing than save it. We’d rather educate you, than sell to you. But if you do need them, then they’re a lot cheaper from us because we separate out the cost of the aid itself from the ongoing service cost. This service is actually the most important part of the customer experience, and its neglect explains why, incredibly, according to the World Health Organisation, only 25% of those who purchased hearing aids are still using them after six months!

That’s enough for now. It was an amazing first summer for Hearology, and we’ll be at a lot more festivals and events next year, and will certainly keep you posted in the meantime.